The best rooftop bars in Pittsburgh

The best rooftop bars in Rooftop bars might not be the first thing you think of when you hear the city “Pittsburgh” – but just like the “h” in it’s name – Pittsburgh is a city full of surprises.With it’s blue collar background and industrial roots – this sets rooftop bars in Pittsburgh to be major sleepers. Not only will you find world class cocktails, and views.Kick back with a cocktail at Over Eden or find a more laid back rooftop brewery – your options might surprise you.Enjoy the summer Pittsburgh, you earned it. Let us know your favorite :)

Carson City Saloon

About Carson City Saloon Carson City Saloon Info Address: 1401 E Carson St Pittsburgh Website: Phone: (412) 481-3203 Email: Floor: Building: Other bars in


About Biergarten Biergarten Info Address: 620 William Penn Pl Pittsburgh Website: Phone: (412) 230-4800 Email: Floor: Building: Other bars in pittsburgh

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