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The best rooftop bars in the Chicago - the second city and the architectural capital of the US. Enjoy your rooftop drinks with a view in Chicago.

Chicago might be home to the best rooftop bars in the world. We’re not joking.

Often called the second city and thought of as the kid brother to larger cities like New York or LA, when it comes to rooftop bars - Chicago shines.

One of the best architected cities in the world, the rooftop bars in Chicago find you 20 stories up in the midst of one of the best skylines In the world. With a world class food and drink culture, pick your favorite rooftop bar, grab a cocktail and enjoy the Chicago summertime scene as people emerge from their winter hibernation.

Between the drinks, the views, and the vibes (it’s all about the vibes), you’re going to wonder why Chicago isn’t the biggest city in the world (hint: the winters are as bad as as the summers are good). But, don’t worry - the short summertime rooftop season makes it that much sweeter as you can try to make it to all of the rooftop bars on our list in Chicago in 3 months or less.

Whether you’re going upscale 40 floors up, or hanging out on a rooftop in Wrigleyville - you’re set up to enjoy your summers in Chicago the way it’s meant to be enjoyed - on a rooftop.

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