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The best rooftop bars in Austin, Texas. Austin is the fastest growing city in the US and has a rooftop bar scene to match.

The rooftop bars are Austin are on the come up. Austin, Texas is maybe the fastest growing city in the US - and if you didn't know that by the housing prices - you'd just have to check out the new reality shows that Netflix seems to be shooting here.

While you don't have rooftop bars at the top of skyscrapers here, there is a growing list of both rooftop bars and rooftop pools along with high end and boutique hotels that cater to your favorite beverage with a view.

Austin is year-round rooftop bar weather - so you can drink to your hearts content. In the summer, the rooftop pools get quite popular, so make sure you pack a swimsuit to keep your cool until the sun goes down.

Austin is one of the fastest growing cities in the country and we don't see the rooftop bar scene slowing down anytime soon.

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