About us

Welcome to RooftopBars.co - The #1 Rooftop Bar Guide on the Internet. Established 2013.

Why We Started This

I started rooftopbars.co after a winter stint in Chicago surviving not one, but two "polar vortexes." I thought to myself - I'd want to do two things - have a great cocktail and have it outside in this awesome city. Chicago has some great rooftop bars, but there was no easy way to find them all. So I decided to find out myself.

The Best Way To See a City

After I left Chicago, I was a digital nomad for years. When I showed up in a new city, I'd quickly need to a way to figure out what to visit in each city. Instead of doing tours, I would make a list of rooftop bars I wanted to visit and go through that. It was an incredible filter to visit each new city and I was able to see amazing bars in Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Barcelona, Bangkok, and more as a result.

If you're wanting to throw a party, a rooftop party is the perfect venue to do it. Just ask Nick Gray.

Adding More Rooftop Bars Every Day

We are constantly adding more rooftop bars to our listings every day. If you are a rooftop bar owner or frequent patron and know of one to add - please get in touch and we'll make it happen.

Happy rooftop hopping!