Sydney Rooftop Bars

Sydney’s bar scene just gets better and better. Down an amber ale in the afternoon sun, or see the city from on high with a drink at dusk in Sydney’s best rooftop bars.

Having a drink in hand as you take in the sleek silhouette of Sydney’s skyline is something everyone should experience. Often obscured by their seemingly ordinary sandstone street fronts, these hidden gems boast a rare taste of the high life. If you can brave the flight of stairs, Jack’s goose and her golden eggs are there for the taking.

Sydney’s delightful food menus, cocktails, wines, champagne, and beers in its rooftop bars will take you to places you’ve never been before. With their spectacular and breathtaking views of the stunning Sydney Harbour Bridge, Opera House, and Darling Harbour, the Sydney rooftops offer an unforgettable experience.

Here are a few of the best rooftop bars in Sydney: