Melbourne Rooftop Bars

Enjoy the high life with sweeping views and bars that range from bohemian to old school in Melbourne rooftop bars.

For an example of the inventive use of city space, look no further than Melbourne, where bars, cinemas, and restaurants open up across the rooftops each summer.  Drink in the city skyline from all angles as you listen to live music, relax in balcony bars, and watch movies beneath the stars. Melbourne is awash with hospitable, comfortable, and often luxurious rooftops that run the gamut of eating and drinking options from champagne and caviar to beer and snags. With most of these spots weatherproofed, the al fresco life is available all year round.

Melbourne rooftop bars offer you spectacular views of the city, and jaw-dropping views of the skylines. Combining modern innovation with the sophistication of a bygone era, Melbourne’s growing rooftop venues are perfect places to spend a languid summer afternoon or evening.

Here are a few of the best rooftop bars in Melbourne: